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Coal produces around 40% of the world's power and so underpins much of global economic activity. Many major economies are dependent on coal. Coal has various advantages - there are diverse sources of supply and it is less susceptible to price volatility than oil or gas. Thus, coal can play an important role in energy security. Coal combustion is also a major source of emissions of CO2 and other air pollutants including SOx, NOx and mercury.

The IEA Clean Coal Centre is the world's foremost provider of information on the clean and efficient use of coal worldwide, particularly clean coal technologies, in a balanced and objective way, without political or commercial bias. Our products include in-depth topical reports, literature reviews and online databases. We also organise workshops and conferences, provide advice, and facilitate R&D networks. We are funded by member countries and industrial sponsors so our analysis stays impartial. There is no political or commercial influence on the research and information provided - the IEA Clean Coal Centre is a non-profit organisation funded primarily by member subscriptions. Located in London we employ approximately 25 staff, largely made up of engineers, scientists and information specialists.  
The IEA Clean Coal Centre (CCC) was established in 1975 by the International Energy Agency (IEA) which is itself part of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The aim of the IEA is to foster co-operation among the twenty-four participating countries in order to increase energy security through diversification of energy supply, cleaner and more efficient use of energy, and energy conservation. This is achieved, in part, through a programme of collaborative research and development of which the IEA Clean Coal Centre is by far the largest and the longest established single project.  The Clean Coal Centre is one of over 40 active programmes, or Implementing Agreements, of the IEA. The Implementing Agreement framework provides a legal mechanism for establishing the commitments of the participants and a management structure. 

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