Upgrading instrumentation and control in coal-fired power plant, CCC/80

Author(s): , Hermine Nalbandian Sugden

Ref: CCC/80
ISBN: 92-9029-395-0
Published Date: 01/01/2004
No. of Tables: 5
No. of Figures: 5
No. of Pages: 52


Instrumentation and control (I&C) is an integral part of any power station. A modern, advanced I&C system plays a major role in the profitable and safe operation of a plant by achieving maximum availability, reliability, flexibility, maintainability and efficiency. These systems can also assist in maintaining emissions compliance. New coal-fired power plants are built with modern, advanced systems. A large number of existing facilities have also been retrofitted with advanced digital systems in many countries, throughout the world. However, some plants continue to operate with pneumatic/analogue systems and should be upgraded if the facility is to continue operating safely and profitably. The average lifetime of modern I&C systems ranges between 10 and 15 years. Payback of an upgrade has been evaluated from 2 years up to the lifetime of the upgrade. In this report we investigate the effects of upgrading I&C in coal-fired plant and attempt to evaluate the financial and/or environmental benefits where possible.

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