Southeast Asia - air pollution control and coal-fired power generation, IEAPER/39

Author(s): , Zhangfa Wu

Ref: IEAPER/39
ISBN: 92-9029-300-4
Published Date: 01/12/1997
No. of Tables: 40
No. of Figures: 1
No. of Pages: 48


Coal-fired power generation in Southeast Asia continues to grow in order to satisfy the increasing demand for electricity throughout the region. Emission standards have been adopted in some Southeast Asian countries. Particulate matter, SO2 and Nox emissions are the main air pollutants for which standards have been introduced. Coal cleaning and upgrading are not much used. Blending is used in Thailand and is being investigated in Indonesia. Pulverised-coal combustion continues to dominate the coal-fired generating capacity. FBC is used at smaller scale and in a few cases, PFBC and IGCC are considered only as options for the future. Control priority is given to particulate matter and ESPs are installed on most (existing and new) coal-fired plants. Although FGD has been installed at Mae Moh in Thailand and is planned for Paiton in Indonesia and Sual in the Philippines, the technology is still considered expensive and its application is likely to remain limited. Boiler optimisation is the main Nox abatement in current use. It is expected that low Nox burners will be used in the future, especially in new plant. Author(s) Herminé “oud Ref IEAPER/39 Date December 1997 No. Pages 48 No. Figures No. Tables

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