Prospects for coal, CCTs and CCS in the European Union, CCC/173

Author(s): Stephen Mills

Ref: CCC/173
ISBN: 978-92-9029-493-1
Published Date: 01/11/2010
No. of Tables: 27
No. of Figures: 19
No. of Pages: 77


Since the EU enlargements of 2004 and 2007, the economic importance of coal for many Member States has continued. In a significant number, coal maintains an important role for power generation and in major industrial sectors such as iron and steel and cement production. The use of hard coal and lignite remains crucial in the commercial and industrial life of the EU. In 2008, between them, EU Member States produced around 146 Mt of hard coal (43% of total EU hard coal consumption) and 434 Mt of lignite (99% of total EU lignite consumption). A further 211 Mt of hard coal was imported. Thus, total EU coal consumption amounted to 783 Mt. At the moment, around 30% of electricity generation in the EU-27 is coal-based although in some countries, coal accounts for more than 50% of total power generation; for instance, 59% in the Czech Republic and 53% in Greece. In Poland, it is over 90%. Some countries produce most of the coal and/or lignite consumed, whereas others rely almost exclusively on imports. Many others fall some way between these extremes. This report includes a general review and update of the situation in the EU, and considers CCT- and CCS-related initiatives and activities. The scope and status of major EU clean coal and carbon capture and storage programmes are examined. These include such initiatives as the creation in 2006 of the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP), plus related major national (both government and private sector) RD&D CCT and CCS programmes under way or planned. The different technological options being pursued such as supercritical PCC, IGCC + CCS, oxyfuel combustion, and post-combustion CO2 capture, are addressed and the status of each reviewed. The second part of the report comprises more detailed examination of CCT and CCS activities in EU Member States that have an annual coal consumption of around 10 Mt or more. For each country, coal use and clean coal- and CCS-related activities are examined.

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