Developments in particulate control for coal combustion, IEACR/78

Author(s): , Hermine Nalbandian Sugden

Ref: IEACR/78
ISBN: 92-9029-253-9
Published Date: 01/04/1995
No. of Tables: 7
No. of Figures: 28
No. of Pages: 57


Particulate emissions are controlled in most coal-fired plants. Electrostatic precipitators (ESP) and/or fabric filters are generally installed in utility plants. Wet scrubbing for particulate control is used in a few coal-fired plants with most of these installations located in the USA and usually in conjunction with SO2 control. Mechanical collectors in the form of cyclones are the main devices used at industrial facilities. Interest in improving these technologies has been renewed due to concern about fine particulate matter and its trace element content and adverse effects on human health. Emphasis has been on finding economic methods of improvement. The report reviews current and completed research, since the mid 1980s, on advancing the performance of ESP, fabric filters, wet particulate scrubbers and cyclones. New approaches to capturing particulate matter from coal combustion are also included. The application of very high efficiency particulate control devices which are currently available but not commercialised will depend mainly on the introduction of more stringent environmental regulations.

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