Coal in China, CCC/87

Author(s): Andrew Minchener

Ref: CCC/87
ISBN: 92-9029-402-7
Published Date: 01/07/2004
No. of Tables: 34
No. of Figures: 7
No. of Pages: 59


This report examines the use of coal in China, its position in the energy mix, the structure of the coal industry and related infrastructure, the implications for the environment of the projected increase in coal production and use, the importance of the introduction and the uptake of clean coal technologies, the prospects for the future position of coal and the challenges to be faced. China is the largest coal producer and consumer in the world, with coal representing some 70% of total primary energy consumption. However, this very high use of coal gives rise to major environmental concerns due to low energy utilisation efficiency and inadequate pollution control, especially of dust and SO2, while emissions of carbon dioxide have increased markedly over the past twenty years. The need for improvements is required both on economic and environmental grounds, with the recognition that the necessary changes must be made on a sustainable basis. The issues to be addressed include the impact of government policies, institutional and regulatory drivers including the need for strong and enforced environmental legislation, the means and incentives to introduce improved coal production and utilisation technologies, with varying implications across the various coal market sectors, as well as ensuring effective technology transfer can take place.

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