Advanced power systems and coal quality, IEACR/87

Author(s): David Scott , Anne Carpenter

Ref: IEACR/87
ISBN: 92-9029-269-5
Published Date: 01/05/1996
No. of Tables: 26
No. of Figures: 36
No. of Pages: 99


The effects of coal quality on the design, performance and availability of advanced electric power generating systems (supercritical pulverised coal firing systems, fluidised bed combustors and integrated coal gasification combined cycle systems) are discussed. Low rank and/or low quality coals, including coal `wastes' (anthracite culm and bituminous gob), are among the fuels considered. The advanced power systems each have their own set of coal quality requirements. As with conventional pulverised coal-fired systems, these systems can utilise any coal but the system design may have to be modified to cope with the properties of the selected fuel.

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